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Stardate 0403.31


I have to admit that I am really bored with Star Trek so, for the moment, I don’t plan to do any updates to existing documentation, nor do I plan to work on my existing projects. I am doing things, just pursuing other interests at the moment. I am sure in time my batteries will “re-charge”, and I will make a note when I get back to doing Trek stuff.


Stardate 0311.15


New navigation pages created. None of the files were changed.


Stardate 0302.01


Star Fleet Prototype is now available. It has been condensed into a single issue, as a number of ships moved into SOTSF and have been replaced by a few new ones.


Stardate 0301.01


This can best be called “Version 1.5” of, as my crappy html remains the same. :-)


A note about the PDFs: These are best viewed with Acrobat Reader 5.x. The image quality is 75 dpi / Low as the image quality as it best balances image quality for web viewing without making gigantic files (for example, SOTSF 1 at 300dpi / Maximum Quality would be a 100MB pdf).


I did an expansion to the first two volumes of Ships of the Star Fleet, adding a number of new classes (highlighted in red):


Volume One



     • Constellation Class

     • Excelsior Class

     • Ambassador Class

     • Nebula Class

     • Niagara Class

     • Galaxy Class

     • Challenger Class

     • Akira Class

     • Galaxy (II) Class

     • Intrepid Class

     • Sovereign Class

     • Prometheus Class

     • Nottingham Class


Volume Two


Patrol Combatants

     • Entente Class



     • Courageous Class


Space Control Ships

     • Griffon Class


Command Ships

     • Whitehall Class



     • New Orleans Class

     • Norway Class

     • The Sullivans Class



     • Steamrunner Class

     • Freedom Class


I plan to add a third scout, the Aquila class, to Volume Three as soon as I can write the entry.


I also attempted to get all of the NCC numbers to line up chronologically. Man, what a pain. :-)


Klingon Military Power is finally done, though I renamed it Volume One in case I ever decide to expand the series to cover ships, government, etc.


What happened to Dockyard Review you ask? Probably 60% of the articles are starships now covered in Ships of the Star Fleet. So I took what was left and compiled them into two “Best of” issues. I still have the original Dockyard Review files so at some future date I can bring them back, but it seems to be a redundancy.


Star Fleet Review received minor updating in the graphics department.


The Work in Progress of Starship Construction Guide received a mild update. I did create a Klingon data sheet for KMP which I may add in at a future date (as it is still incomplete).