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Ex Astris Scientia

The German’s know how to do a Star Trek web site, and Bernd Scneider’s is further proof. Contains pictures of most of the starships ever mentioned in Star Trek as well as articles on a wide-variety of related topics.

Starfleet Museum

Created by Masao Okazaki and hosted by Bernd Schneider, this site gives us a look at some of the ships from Starfleet’s early years.

The Daystrom Institute Technical Library

As the name implies, this site is an excellent source for technical information on starships, starbases, technologies, and other topics.

The Star Trek LCARS, Book and Episode Database at Cygnus-X1.net

A wealth of information on the LCARS computer system, Star Trek Books, and Star Trek episodes.



Mateen Greenway

 The man who made Ships of the Star Fleet possible by graciously donating many of the computer-generated view of the various starships.


The current "hot" computer and traditional media showcase site. Always something beautiful is on display.


Another gracious donator of ship images, as well as some of the astounding artwork seen on the covers of many issues of Dockyard Review. The site has been dormant for a bit, but it looks like their may be life.

Wolf 359

Though it has been dormant for many years, a number of the artists who have donated their work to our publications are showcased at this excellent artwork site.

The Starship Schematic Database

We liked this site so much, we used to help host it. It is home of probably the most complete set of starship schematics on the Internet.

Desktop Starships

Another source for artwork, this site has hundreds of amazing pictures across Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon Five, Space: 1999, and others. Generally updated monthly with new additions.

USS Saracosta • NCC-9737

A Spanish language website (with an English page) specializing in vector graphic blueprints.



STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association

The largest Star Trek club in existence (per the 2003 Guinness Book of World Records)


An administrative unit of STARFLEET of which the Bright Star is a part.

Starship U.S.S. Bright Star • NCC-71875

A chapter of STARFLEET located in Seattle, WA and command of the ASDB's Chairman.

Space Station Nexus

A former chapter of STARFLEET in Region Five, she remains Bright Star's Home Port in her fiction.

Starship U.S.S. Jaguar • NCC-74750

A chapter of STARFLEET located in TN and former command of the ASDB's Chairman.

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