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This website was created to provide technical resources to the Star Trek fan. While not to be construed as official, or “canon”, we hope you will find them useful.

Unless otherwise stated, these documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. We recommend at least Acrobat Reader 5.x or later. Best results are obtained by first loading Acrobat Reader and then clicking on the hyperlink. Alternately, you can right-click on the link to download the file to your local machine.

The Best of Dockyard Review

Dockyard Review was the Official Journal of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau and provided articles on starship classes and technologies. It was loosely based on the Starship Design book published by Star Station Aurora. As most of the starship articles were enhanced when Ships of the Star Fleet came out, I have decided to combine the remaining articles into two volumes.

Volume 1 – 2290 to 2350 (3.0MB - Document Last Updated March 2003)

     • An Exploratory Dreadnought?

     • The Ariel Class Fightercarrier

     • The U.S.S. Bradley

     • The B-10 Battleship

     • The U.S.S. Ki Rin

     • The Adelaide Class Improved Perimeter Action Ship

     • The Normandy Class Supercarrier

     • U.S.S. Excelsior Golden Anniversary


Volume 2 – 2350 to 2390 (3.1MB - Document Last Updated March 2003)

     • The Deep Space Series

     • Cloaking Devices in Star Fleet

     • Is The Galaxy Class A Failure?

     • Why Two Nacelles Are Better Than Three

     • The FCE-2 Cloaking Device

     • Klingon Vessels in Star Fleet?

     • The Peacekeeper Class Diplomatic Cruiser

     • Starllight

     • The Flynt Class Battlecruiser

     • The U.S.S. Jaguar


Ships of the Star Fleet - 2378

Inspired by the “bible” of the TOS and movie-era starships of the Federation, Ships of the Star Fleet - 2377/78 covers many of the ships seen on TNG / DS9 / Voyager.

Volume One - Cruisers (8.3 MB - Document Last Updated March 2003)

Volume Two - Patrol Combatants (5.1 MB - Document Last Updated March 2003)

Volume Three - Scouts and Escorts (3.8 MB - Document Last Updated March 2003)

Volume Four - Star Fleet Operating Forces (3.7 MB - Document Last Updated March 2003)


Starfleet Prototype

Another modern interpretation of a classic Movie-era book, Starfleet Prototype will be a showcase for new designs in starships and new technologies.

Star Fleet Prototype (4.8 MB - Document Last Updated March 2003)

     U.S.S. Jaguar • CR 74750 Class Diplomatic Cruiser

     U.S.S. Crusader • CF 74711 Class Fast Cruiser

     U.S.S. Discovery • CE 79431 Class Exploratory Cruiser

     U.S.S. Eximius • CR 80077 Class Cruiser

     U.S.S. Frontier • CH 80426 Heavy Cruiser

     U.S.S. Cantell • FR 74851 Class Frigate

     U.S.S. Katana • FR 74900 Class Frigate

     U.S.S. Omar Khayyam • CE 79001 Time Cruiser


Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual • Chapter 18 Supplement

This was just a little “test” I created in conjunction with an unrelated project. Covering the Galaxy (II) class, it would slot in behind Chapter 17 in your ST:TNG Tech Manual.

Download Chapter 18 (736KB - Document Last Updated January 2003)


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